Document Management

The content within statements, invoices, regulatory and compliance letters, privacy policies and other mission-critical documents is constantly changing and requires rapid implementation and composition in print and electronic formats. Understanding this requirement, NCP Solutions utilizes a high performance Customer Communications Management (CCM) system to drive rapid change.

Document Composition Management


The foundation of this solution is the template designer application with key features that include:


  • Single application for design, composition and production
  • Data integration for personalization and customization
  • Multiple output formats, including print and electronic, to interact with customers via preferred channels
  • Instant electronic proofing for better quality control
  • Graphical User Interface to reduce load on application development resources
  • Broad-based operating system support


In conjunction with the template designer, the CCM system utilizes an online editing and collaboration tool, Interactive, which allows clients to compose, revise and approve content within document templates. Interactive is role-based, complete with a full approval and document transfer system as well as built-in auditing technology, allowing document owners to:


  • Manage content in a single interface
  • Modify existing letters in a template-based system
  • Customize marketing or variable messages and images
  • Generate PDFs instantly after modifications are applied


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