Onsert Marketing

Utilize billing statement whitespace to deliver personalized one-to-one messagesOnserts have transformed today’s financial statement from simply being a static list of transactions into a powerful, interactive and highly-effective marketing tool. By combining onserts onto existing statements, organizations tap into tremendous opportunity to strengthen existing relationships, educate customers and create awareness for additional products and services relevant to customer-specific needs.


NCP Solutions’ full-color, print-on-demand technology provides the flexibility for business mailers to communicate with customers one-to-one or one-to-many through the application of variable data and images based on demographics, recent purchase activity and more.


Because statements are already being delivered to customers on a regular basis, the inclusion of onserts allows organizations to achieve the following revenue enhancement and cost containment benefits:

  • Cut postal expenses by combining direct mail offers into ongoing statement mailings
  • Use standard mailers to consolidate individual customer applications into a single mail package
  • Promote enrollment in e-statement delivery and auto-pay
  • Increase sales for additional products and services


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